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General Mormon History
New York Beginnings
Kirtland Period
Missouri Period
Nauvoo Period
Utah Period
Utah War
Economic LDS History
Mormon Polygamy
Mountain Meadows Massacre
Extensive Works

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Recommended Books - General History
The Story of the Latter-day Saints
Allen, James B. and Glen M.Leonard, Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, UT.
story of latter-day saints

Book Description:

This comprehensive,one-volume history of the Church by James B. Allen and Glen M. Lenord features historical maps, documents, and more than one hundred photographs.

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Essentials in Church History
Smith, Joseph Fielding, Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, UT.

Book Description:

A History of the Church from the Birth of Joseph Smith to the Present Time With Introductory Chapters on the Antiquity.

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essentials mormon history
The Mormon Experience
*Arrington, Leonard J. and Davis Bitton, Vintage Books, New York, NY
mormon experience

Online Book Review:

The best history of the Latter-Day Saints addressed to a general audience now includes a new preface, an epilogue, and a bibliographical afterword. "This is without a doubt the definitive Mormon history".--Library Journal.

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Received MHA's Best Book Award -- 1979

Historical Atlas of Mormonism
Brown, S. Kent, Donald Q. Cannon, Richard H. Jackson, Simon & Schuster, New York, NY.

Editorial Review:

From Book News, Inc.
Comprises 74 articles--each with its own brief bibliography and at least one two-color map--contributed by 52 authors. The contributions describe and illustrate Mormon history and practice, with coverage of migration routes, settlements, worldwide mission centers, population distribution, voting patterns, paths of the early missionaries, historic sites, and visitors' centers, among other topics.

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mormon atlas
Father Figure: Joseph Smith III and the Creation of the Reorganized Church
Roger Launius , Herald House, 1990, Independence, Mo.

Editorial Review

An insightful look at the man who served as President of the Reorganized Church from 1860 –1914 and to whom many scattered Saints of the Restoration looked for moderate leadership and prophetic guidance.

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Received MHA's Best Book Award in 1990

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