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The Journal of Mormon History is published quarterly by the Mormon History Association, 10 West 100 South, Suite 610, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, 1-801-521-6565 or 1-888-642-3678 ( and is distributed to members upon payment of annual dues.

digital version of the Journal of Mormon History is available on the University of Utah Library website.

Editor: Journal of Mormon History
Martha Taysom
4320 Walpole Lane
Bloomington, IN   47408

The Journal of Mormon History exists to foster scholarly research and publication in the field of Mormon history. Manuscripts dealing with all aspects of Mormon history are welcome, including twentieth-century history and contemporary history, regional and local history, folklore, historiography, women's history, and ethnic/minorities history. First consideration will be given to those which make a strong contribution to knowledge through new interpretations and/or new information. The Board of Editors will also consider the paper's general interest, accuracy, level of interpretation, and literary quality. The Journal does not consider reprints or simultaneous submissions.


Papers for consideration must be submitted to Martha Taysom, Editor, Journal of Mormon History, at, preferably in Word. The name of the author should only appear on a separate cover sheet and Illustrative materials must be attached in a separate file, not embedded in the Word document.

The Journal’s style guide, based on the Chicago Manual of Style and the LDS Style Guide, and its specifications for photographs and other illustrative materials, are attached. click to download a style guide (pdf file).

Staff of the Journal of Mormon History

Editorial Staff:

Elizabeth Ann Anderson
Barry C. Cleveland
Laura Compton
Linda Wilcox DeSimone
Sherman Feher
Zachary R. Jones
Scarlett M. Lindsay
Linda Lindstrom
H. Michael Marquardt
Stephen R. Moss
Rene Romig
Jerilyn Wakefield

Editorial Manager: Patricia Lyn Scott
Book Review Editor: Boyd Jay Petersen
Business Manager: James J. Lund
Compositor: Brent Corcoran
Art Director: Thayne Whiting
Designer: Brent Corcoran

Board of Editors:
Polly Aird, Seattle, Washington
Gregory K. Armstrong, University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Arkansas
Keith A. Erekson, University of Texas, El Paso
Hollis R. Johnson, Bloomington, Indiana
Jennifer Lund, Murray, Utah
Laurie F. Maffly-Kip, University of North Caroliina, Chapel Hill, NC
Christopher A. Newton, Terre Haute, IN
Jonathan Stapley, Bellevue, Washington
John C. Thomas, Brigham Young University-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho

Back issue of the Journal?
Back issues of the Journal may be ordered for $15.00 from

Mormon History Association
10 West 100 South, Suite 610
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Also, a fully digitized copy of all back issues up through 2007 is available on
DVD for $40. Click here to get the DVD.

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